The CraneCam photographs your construction site daily using cameras mounted on the boom of the construction crane. A high-resolution orthophoto and a 3D point cloud are automatically generated from the photos.

These products are overlaid on the TEDAMOS web portal for the target-actual comparison with planning bases (electrical, sanitary, HVAC, formwork plans, etc.).

Our Vision

We constantly strive for more accurate measurements, increased safety, and more detailed documentation of structures. The TEDAMOS CraneCam is the next evolution of these core values. Thanks to images and 3D models, the construction site is visually represented like never before.

With high-resolution single-lens reflex cameras (1 cm ground resolution), even the smallest details are detected. With fixed, coded control points on the construction site, a georeferencing accuracy of 1 cm can be achieved. The daily result:


Georeferenced high-resolution orthophotos & 3D-models

Our TEDAMOS web portal seamlessly combines all manually and automatically captured monitoring measurements with the CraneCam. Everything in one portal, clear and simple.

The construction world is advancing with BIM. We want to close the gap between AS-IS and TO-BE through better recordings and better documentation. Daily as-built documentation made easy.


High-quality, high-resolution single-lens reflex cameras for the best possible quality of the orthophoto and 3D model.


Fully automated evaluation up to the TEDAMOS web portal. Daily effort on the construction site: 2 minutes.


Georeferenced orthophotos with 1 cm GSD - every detail is visible. The result is uploaded to our web portal, which is accessible 24/7.

TEDAMOS CraneCam in Daily Use


A Look Below the Ground

Where were the pipes buried? Are they in the correct location? What is their slope? The CraneCam has documented everything in detail, in 2D (orthophotos) and 3D (depth maps, point cloud, and mesh). Everything is georeferenced.

SIA-118 Documentation

Have the electrical junction boxes been placed correctly? Thanks to the CAD interface, specialist planners can easily overlay plans and identify discrepancies in the installations before concrete is poured. Construction progress documentation according to SIA-118 made easy.

Volume Calculations

Volume calculations enable precise determination of material quantities by comparing with earlier recordings or a fixed reference height. This method provides accurate data on volume changes over time or in relation to a defined height, which is particularly useful for construction and excavation projects.


Is your construction site particularly large or lacking in storage space? The CraneCam assists you daily in planning and saves you the hassle of searching for materials and free space for the next delivery. You can easily communicate this information visually to your subcontractors, planners, or site managers.

Height Controls

In addition to each orthophoto, a 3D model is generated automatically, providing absolute heights in your target coordinate system (local, LN02, WGS84, or others). This allows you to monitor drainage, measure slopes and volumes, all with centimeter precision.

Construction Progress

The entire construction progress is documented comprehensively and daily across the entire construction site. If a crane is not yet in place, no problem – we bridge this gap with drone footage of the same quality.

Questions or interest? Feel free to contact us without any obligation:

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Your Benefits

  • Daily Construction Site Documentation
    A construction site webcam, but different: systematic, georeferenced, and highly accurate for your daily applications. The CraneCam operates automatically and in all weather conditions.
  • Time Savings
    With the CraneCam, capturing images is faster, easier, and above all, automatic. This allows for daily or multiple captures per day. By the way, the CraneCam works on all top and bottom rotating cranes, regardless of the manufacturer.
  • High-Resolution Images
    We prioritize top quality, using cameras with over 30 MP resolution where even the smallest details are visible.
  • BIM & CAD
    Overlay plans for quick and convenient checks. The API provides the interface to seamlessly integrate CraneCam results into other environments, such as your construction management software or CAD.
  • Seamless Construction Site Documentation
    No crane on site yet but eager to start documenting? The CraneCam solution is fully functional for drone flights as well. We can fly drones over your construction site, and the processing of products works automatically.
  • Flexibility
    The crane operator or construction manager can trigger captures directly via a web link after a key construction phase (e.g., formwork completion, reinforcement, etc.). A few hours later, the orthophoto and 3D model are available for evaluation.
  • Communication/Exchange
    The web platform keeps planners, contractors, engineers, construction managers, and clients updated simultaneously. You can communicate planning and construction management more effectively with stakeholders, reducing coordination efforts.

Project Workflow

Cameras on the Crane

First, cameras are installed on the crane boom to cover the desired area. For smaller construction sites, 2 cameras on one crane are sufficient. For larger construction sites, any number of cameras can be combined on multiple cranes. Additionally, control points are fixed in the vicinity of the construction site to ensure georeferencing.


Once all images are automatically uploaded to our servers, processing begins. Our workflow stitches the images together to create a 3D model, from which various results can be calculated, such as a high-quality orthophoto with 1 cm ground resolution.

Results in the Web Portal

Just a few hours after capture, the results are available in our password-protected TEDAMOS web portal. Here, plans can be stored, measurements can be taken, and the results are available for download.

How was the Solution Developed?

The TEDAMOS CraneCam was developed as part of the Innosuisse project BMETRY between February 2021 and March 2023. The research partner was the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), with implementation partners Terradata AG and avisec ag.


Reference projects TEDAMOS CraneCam

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HRS Real Estate AG, 2021-2022
Baden, Switzerland

Automatic monitoring measurements and as-built documentation with CraneCam

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Sammelbüel Teufen

New building Sammelbüel Teufen

Timon Bischofberger AG, 2023-2024
Teufen, Switzerland

Construction pit monitoring and CraneCam documentation

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Parco Verde

Parco Verde, Schübelbach

Mächler Generalunternehmung AG, 2022 - 2023
Schübelbach, Switzerland

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