TEDAMOS - Swiss Monitoring Solution

TEDAMOS is our self-developed monitoring system for observing changes in infrastructure or terrain surfaces. The system is characterized by its scalability and flexibility. Depending on the project requirements, geodetic, geotechnical or environmental sensors are integrated.

The measurements are transmitted to the office via mobile radio technology, where the administration, processing and analysis of the data, as well as the limit value checks, are carried out using software modules developed in-house. All project-related information is made available on our password-protected web customer portal immediately after the evaluations.

Fields of application

TEDAMOS is used to document change processes for the following objects:

  • Transportation structures (roads, railways, mountain railroads)
  • Civil engineering structures (dams, buildings, bridges, tunnels)
  • Earthworks (excavations, earth dams, embankments, landfills)
  • Natural hazards (slopes, rock faces, glaciers)

How you benefit as a customer?

Immediate evaluation and analysis of the recorded data enables a prompt assessment of the current situation with regard to property changes, which could potentially cause major damage to people or infrastructure. The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Everything from a single source: monitoring concept, sensor selection, project-specific hardware and software adaptations, installation, commissioning and operation of any complex monitoring system
  • 20 years of monitoring experience
  • Short response times until commissioning of new projects
  • High reliability and scalability of the system in terms of sensors and measurement frequency for operating temperatures from -20 to +50°C
  • Project management with password-protected 24/7 web access
  • Automatic report generation to preserve evidence and develop measures
  • Customer-specific graphs and tables for visualizing the measurement series
  • Automatic alerting via e-mail, SMS, etc. if predefined limit values are exceeded