Measurement Principle

We use geophones with 3-axis velocity sensors with a measuring range of +/- 100mm/s and a frequency range between 4.5 and 315 Hz. The sensors are operational at temperatures between -20°C and +50°C and are typically connected to a power outlet. For outdoor use outside of residential areas, the sensors can also be powered by a solar panel.

The geophones continuously monitor vibrations in accordance with the Swiss Standard VSS 40 312:2019, the German Standard DIN 4150-3, or other European standards. If thresholds are exceeded, a frequency analysis is conducted within the sensor and it sends an alarm directly via SMS and/or email to preset alarm recipients. If necessary, the measurement device can also activate alarm sirens or lights.



The most common application of geophones is for monitoring construction vibrations (demolition work, drilling, pile driving, etc.). For this purpose, the sensors are usually installed in the basement of neighboring buildings.

Further applications of these sensors include monitoring rock blasting, industrial vibrations caused by motors or machinery, vibrations generated by road traffic or railways, and determining natural frequencies of high-rise buildings or bridges.