Monitoring of the Litzirüti rock tower, Arosa

Automatic rock monitoring

Project: 2021 - , Arosa, Switzerland
Client: Rhätische Bahn

Above Litzirüti (municipality of Arosa), a rock tower measuring approximately 12,000 m3 and 50 m in height is threatening the tracks of the Rhaetian Railway below.
A deep understanding of the movement mechanism is of central importance for hazard management. To monitor the 3D movement, three GPS stations were installed on the rock tower and a fourth at the foot of the tower. Thanks to the meteorological station, the measurement results can be directly correlated with the weather conditions.


  • Development of monitoring concept
  • Installation and operation of TEDAMOS GNSS and meteorological stations
  • Display of all measurements on the TEDAMOS web portal
  • Alarm when limits are exceeded


  • 5 solar-powered TEDAMOS GNSS stations (incl. 1 reference)
  • 1 LoRa weather station
  • TEDAMOS Web, password-protected customer portal with 24/7 access

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Monitoring of the Litzirüti rock tower, Arosa

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