DroneCam next level

Our drone surveying reaches the next innovative level. This comes in the form of fully automated drone surveying - "DroneCam".

For this purpose, we install a complete solution on site, consisting of a drone and hangar, from which the entire project perimeter is flown at a predefined time interval or on demand. The subsequent data upload, processing on our servers and provision of the data on TEDAMOS Web is fully automated.

This enables seamless construction site documentation of the highest quality, regardless of the size of the construction site and its location. This saves resources and enables the shortest possible response times, as the drone is ready for use at any time. 

The data collected in the form of a high-resolution and georeferenced orthophoto with height information is uploaded to our TEDAMOS Web platform. Various useful functions can be utilised via this platform:

  • Point, area and volume calculations for dimensions
  • Plan data overlay for acceptances from the office
  • Target/actual comparisons for quality assurance
  • Flatness and slope checks
  • Visualisation of progress
  • Height comparisons

We are currently carrying out a pilot project to optimise processes and interfaces. In the future, we will actively commission the DJI Dock 2, which will be used for a wide variety of applications. Stay tuned!


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