New building Linthgasse Nuolen

Automatic, image-based as-built site documentation with CraneCam

Project: 2023, Nuolen, Switzerland
Client: Stähli AG Architekten

Nine exclusive terraced single-family houses are being built in Nuolen (Canton Schwyz). Each residential unit in a building is slightly offset from the next. With 2 CraneCams, the client can document the construction site seamlessly and daily in accordance with SIA 118. Thanks to colourable height information in the centimetre range, the planum and drainage paths can be checked directly in the web portal.

By overlaying the current construction status with various planning data, this innovative solution supports the specialist planners and construction management in their daily execution control and the client in the documentation of his building project.



  • Operation of a fully automated construction site documentation system with TEDAMOS CraneCam


  • CraneCam solution with 2 cameras
  • TEDAMOS Web, password-protected customer portal with 24/7 access

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New building Linthgasse Nuolen

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Automatic, image-based as-built site documentation with CraneCam

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