Parco Verde, Schübelbach

Automatic, image-based as-built site documentation with CraneCam

Project: 2022 - 2023, Schübelbach, Switzerland
Client: Mächler Generalunternehmung AG

In Schübelbach in the canton of Schwyz, 8 apartment buildings are being built near the railway station in the new "Parco Verde" development. The first two CraneCams for construction site documentation were installed and put into operation in December 2022. Two high-resolution SLR cameras were installed on the boom of the central crane for this purpose. In March 2023, two more cameras were put into operation on another crane due to the expansion of the construction site.

The cameras document the construction status from a bird's eye view, sometimes several times a day, at the times requested by the customer. The images are automatically captured and transmitted via mobile radio, processed into orthophotos and 3D models on our photogrammetry servers and made available via the TEDAMOS web platform. By overlaying the target state with various planning data (formwork, electrical, HVAC), this solution supports the specialist planners and construction management in their daily checks of the execution and the client in the documentation of his building project.

The planners can also use the CraneCam to plan the logistics and communicate with the contractors during the construction meetings thanks to the image documentation. In this case, too, a picture is worth a thousand words :-)

Construction project:


  • Operation of a fully automated construction site documentation system with TEDAMOS CraneCam



  • CraneCam solution with 4 cameras on 2 cranes
  • TEDAMOS Web, password-protected customer portal with 24/7 access

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