Schweiter-Areal development, Horgen

Construction surveying and monitoring of structures and excavations

Project: 2019 - 2021, Horgen-Oberdorf, Switzerland
Client: Realstone SA

A modern development with over 200 apartments and space for commercial use is being built on a 6.2-hectare site on the former Schweiter site directly next to Oberdorf station in Horgen.

In the existing neighbouring building, Credit Suisse operates a data centre and office space that is extremely sensitive to noise, vibration and subsidence. During the entire construction period, the relevant parameters such as noise, vibration, subsidence and deformation will be recorded and evaluated fully automatically. If the limit values are exceeded, an alarm will be triggered automatically in accordance with the monitoring concept.


  • Basic data collection/3D model
  • As-built surveys/as-built drawings
  • Construction services (3D machine control, data processing, construction reference points, etc.)
  • Vibration and noise measurements in sensitive areas
  • Construction surveying
  • Automatic monitoring of structures and excavations
  • Measurement of inclinometers and pore water pressure transducers (in some cases up to 50 metres deep)
  • Construction inspections
  • Online access to current measurement data via a web-based customer portal.


  • 1 precision total station
  • 5 vibration sensors
  • 6 noise sensors
  • TEDAMOS Web, password-protected customer portal with 24/7 access

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