New office building, Domat/Ems

Automatic, image-based as-built site documentation with CraneCam

Project: 2021 - 2022, Domat/Ems, Switzerland
Client: Grünenfelder und Partner AG

In 2021, Grünenfelder und Partner AG celebrated its 100th anniversary. In order to offer future employees an attractive working environment and to create additional space for the company to grow, the company built a new company building in 2021/2022. The spectacular, four-storey new building in Domat/Ems not only offers more space for employees, but also a larger materials store and additional parking spaces.

The construction of the shell was systematically documented with high-resolution orthophotos using CraneCam from June 2021 until completion in December 2021. This meant that the 5 construction stages "formwork", "underarmouring", "installation of inserts", "overarmouring" and "concrete" were documented on each floor.

The height model was used to evaluate and check the evenness of the concrete floor and the planned sag on the roof, so that rainwater on the roof is drained away in a controlled manner in accordance with the planning.

This georeferenced and complete construction documentation has produced detailed plans of the completed structure, which will be very valuable for future maintenance work.


  • Operation of a fully automated construction site documentation system with TEDAMOS CraneCam


  • CraneCam solution with 2 cameras
  • TEDAMOS Web, password-protected customer portal with 24/7 access

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